Mountain Bounty Farm
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If you are trying to make changes or additions to a current summer order, contact us directly at (530) 292-3776 or 

Winter deliveries end on May 16 and Summer deliveries begin May 21.  If you join the winter season by Wednesday at midnight, your first pickup is the next week. We begin planning the following week's deliveries each Thursday, so prices are prorated accordingly for another week each Wednesday after midnight. 

Summer 2019

25 weeks (May through November)

Winter 2018-19

25 weeks (November through May)

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Summer: 25 weeks, May-Nov
Winter: 25 weeks, Nov-May

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Summer: 18 weeks, Jun-Oct
Winter: 19 weeks, Nov-Mar

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Summer: 12 weeks, June-Sept
Winter (Early Spring): 8 weeks, Mar-Apr

Join anytime. If a season has already begun, your invoice will be prorated for the weeks you've missed.